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Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra

Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra with control panel
Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra control panel
Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra multi-remote options
Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra 2-button remote
Sports Tutor Inc.

Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra

The PLUS ULTRA model includes all the features of the PLUS model and:
  • Four PRESET shots: Straight Dink, Crosscourt Dink, 3rd Shot Drop, and Lob. All PRESET shots are customizable so you can modify the speed, spin, elevation and interval. Your modified settings will be automatically stored.
  • Two pre-programmed DRILLS: (15 FH – 15 BH) – Shoots 15 medium-paced shots to the forehand side, then 15 to the backhand side, then repeats.  PLUS model (10 U – 10 F – 10 T) – Shoots 10 shots with underspin, then 10 flat shots with no spin, then 10 shots with topspin, then repeats.  All shots in both DRILLS are customizable.
  • ELECTRONIC ELEVATION with a BAR GRAPH DISPLAY shows the elevation setting on the control panel so you can set it to your favorite spot before firing any balls.
  • RANDOM and 2-LINE oscillator features are standard.


Shoot any type of shot including:
• Serves  • Groundstrokes  • Dinks   • Lobs   • Drives

  • Ball Speed – Up to 65 MPH 
  • Ball Feed – From every one second (for quick-reaction volleys) to every 6 seconds.
  • Holds 110 pickleballs
  • Throws both indoor and outdoor pickleballs.
  • Start-up time delay allows time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Built-in battery provides up to four hours of playing time per charge.
  • Smart Battery Charger – Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically to prevent over-charging.
  • Random Oscillator –  For hitting on the run.
  • Available as a mains powered machine - please contact us for details

The Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra is £1800  the 2-button remote is £195 the multi-remote or phone remote is £270


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Additional Remote Options for ULTRA Models

Multi-Function Remotes – Wireless control of all functions just like you were using the actual control panel. The layout of the buttons on the remotes is almost identical to the layout of the buttons on the control panel, so there is nothing new to learn. There are two Multi-Function Remote choices.

• FM Multi-Function Remote – Small handheld unit. 

• Phone Multi-Function Remote – Requires free App download. Available for both Apple and Android phones. Automatically connects instantly via bluetooth with no need for a wireless broadband connection. If this option is purchased a bluetooth receiver is installed in the machine. pickleballspinultraremote.jpg