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Tennis Tutor

Tennis Tutor tennis ball machine
Tennis Tutor towing handle and wheels
Tennis Tutor 2-button remote
Tennis Tutor with remote and dual 2-line control panel
Sports Tutor Inc.

Tennis Tutor

Tennis Tutor ball machine, the first ball machine model from Sports Tutor. Partially superceded by the Pro-Lite as a lighter basic ball machine or the larger Tennis Tutor Plus which offers adjustable spin. However for a workhorse machine with higher top speed than the Pro-Lite as well as bigger ball capacity and battery life, and a tow handle and wheels to make transporting easier, plus electronic elevation control it still has benefits for some users. It can also come with a 2-button remote control and/or a dual 2-line setting on the oscillator which allows a pattern of alternating forehand and backhand shots or can feed two people or groups of people at the same time so useful for practice or group coaching. Some 20+ year old machines are still going strong.

These are mostly special order models so please contact us to confirm estimated delivery time.

There are various options to choose on this machine. When selecting them for final configuration please make sure you select each option in order from top to bottom or the final configuration may not be correct.

The standard battery model is £1270 and comes with a smart battery charger.


Mains powered add £25

2-button remote add £195

Dual 2-line oscillator add £205

We have the dual 2-line, battery version in stock at the moment. You can include the remote if you wish.

Any version can be ordered but delivery time for out of stock items is between 2 and 6 weeks.



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