Tennsport Roller Ball Collector

Tennsport roller tennis ball collector with door open
Tennsport roller tennis ball collector
Tennsport roller tennis ball collector collecting balls
Tennsport roller tennis ball collector standing up

Tennsport Roller Ball Collector

When you use a tennis ball machine you will find you can practice your shots at a much higher rate than with a human ball feeder or during a match. This is because of the very large number of balls which can be hit one after another after another. You'll soon find that the point where you stop hitting balls and collect them up is a welcome break, but the job of collecting the balls isn't so welcome. If you don't have some children who can be cajoled into the task in your stead then you may find a device to make the job of gathering balls up more easily a great boon. 

The Tennsport Roller Ball Collector is a simple and effective way of quickly and easily gathering up tennis balls from the court. As it is rolled along the balls pop up through the bars into the barrel section. Once all the balls are collected, or the capacity of 85 is reached, the collector is up-ended and sits upon the handle. A locking pin can then be engaged to prevent the barrel turning, and a section of the barrel hinges open as a door. You can then use it to feed balls, or pick it up and tip the balls into your ball machine hopper. The side 'wheel' sections of the barrel are serrated and rubberised to provide grip and protect the surface of the court. It comes in a medium sized box and the parts of the handle require simple assembly. Disassembly is also simple, allowing for easy storage or transportation.


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