Do we supply outside the UK?

No. Not via this website, which is designed and intended only for UK customers. Please do not try to use this website for overseas orders. The order will be cancelled and a refund will be made, but it will be 4% less than the amount paid as we are charged addtional amounts to process foreign payments. 

Can we supply outside the UK?

Yes, we can. But not via the online ordering on this website. Please contact us directly to discuss whether we can ship what you want to your country, how much shipping will be and what customs information will be required.

What is the best tennis ball machine to get?

It depends.

There are hundreds of different options and models available from the manufacturers we supply for. And it is almost impossble to say which machine is best for which individual or group of individuals or tennis club. We can help narrow down the search and do our best to point you in the right direction. The short answer is that all the machines we supply are very good, so any of them will make a huge difference to how you practice your sport.  The best way to learn and train is through repetition, which is why ball machines exist. We supply the two longest running tennis ball machine brands in the world. Other brands have come and gone over the years, and spares have ceased to exist. We are still able to repair and service 30 year old machines. This helps Lobster and Tennis Tutor machines to retain very good second hand values.

It is best to consider the main factors which will influence your decision, I would suggest these are: budget/price; portability; spin/non-spin; level of player; battery/mains; weight/size/car boot size; advanced features.

For a more detailed guide please go to  Tennis Ball Machine Buyer's Guide

/tldr: Buy and Try! We are confident in the quality and performance of the machines we supply and understand it can be a daunting out lay. So we can reassure you that if you buy a machine and try it and decide it isn't the one you need we will accept it back. This is better than the generally unuseful "60 Day Returns" etc as they require the goods to be new and unused in undamaged packaging so they can be sold again as new. We understand that is of limited use to most people, but trying a machine out is very useful but immediately puts it outside the scope of most companies' returns policies. If you wish to buy a machine and try it we will still accept it back. There are some costs involved but you will not be stuck with a product you don't want. If you buy a machine and use it you will quickly know if it is the right one. If you use a machine and within 30 days decide it is not for you please contact us. Assuming the machine is undamaged in any way but just has a small amount of evidence of use we will refund 90% of the amount paid for the machine. You will be required to safely return the machine to us in its original packaging. We recommend you insure the item being returned as the risk of loss will be yours. This offer is available once per customer unless otherwise agreed with us.