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Jugs Soccer Machine

Jugs Soccer Machine football firing machine
Jugs Soccer Machine ready to fire
Jugs Soccer Machine being transported
Jugs Soccer Machine on a football pitch
Jugs Sports Inc.

Jugs Soccer Machine

The Jugs Soccer Machine - football launching machine


Over 2,000 US high school and college football teams make their practices perfect using JUGS Soccer Machine. With JUGS, you can “kick” left- or right-footed and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or distance—up to 70m. JUGS Soccer Machine helps you really maximize your team’s practice time.


Strikers always get a good selection of balls. First-time volleys, headers, and ground shots can be practiced with or without opposition present—you can select any area for the ball to be played into. You can vary the height, speed, and amount of spin impacted to the ball, creating both in-swinging and out-swinging crosses.


The JUGS Soccer Machine is perfect for athletes of all ages, and "kicks" balls from 20-90 mph at the turn of a dial.

The Jugs Soccer Machine is mains powered, either using a lead or an inverter type generator. It must only be used in dry conditions. The Jugs Soccer Machine has been supplied to football teams in Spain and the UK. It has also been used for corporate events and for filming TV shows. 

We have one used machine in stock in good condition with a full two year warranty available for £3700.

For details of the Used Jugs Soccer machine click here

New machines are £4740. These are not always in stock. If you wish to order please contact us first to confirm availability and lead times. Typically delivery times for out-of-stock machines is 3 to 4 weeks.


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