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Lobster Elite Rubber Foot Feet

Lobster Elite Rubber Feet
Lobster Sports Inc.

Lobster Elite Rubber Foot Feet

This is a genuine Lobster replacement rubber foot or feet if ordering more than one.

These should be checked for tightness at periodic intervals. They can be damaged or worn if the Lobster machine is not tilted back far enough when transporting. The machine should be tilted enough that the rubber feet are clear of the ground.

If the rear feet become too worn they eventually no longer raise the machine sufficiently when the machine is resting on its feet for the transport wheels to clear the ground. This will cause problems for the sweep function and can lead to other damage to the machine.

The feet screw onto studs that are pressed into the metal plate underneath the machine. Bent studs can be straightened carefully. Broken studs or ones with damaged threads will need to be removed from the plate and the hole where they fitted used to take the screw which is supplied with the replacement feet.

Please select the quantity of feet you want up to a maximum of four from the menu option. The feet are £6 each plus 48 hour tracked Royal Mail postage which is included in the prices on the menu. Please use the menu and not the plus and minus buttons.



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