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Lobster Pickle Champion

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Lobster Pickle Champion


Offering cutting-edge technology the all-digital pickleball machine, the pickle champion by Lobster feels like you are playing against another human being! With the push of a button, players can set endless options for personalized training or choose from the six pre-loaded drills for instant play with our upgraded machine.


Prepare to take on the most challenging players with the new, pre-loaded, 6-shot drills: around the clock, defuse the banger, drive the kitchen, flying erne, green light red light, and stop, drop and lob, which change up ball speed, shot type, and spin while moving you around the court.

The pickle champion by Lobster also offers unparalleled fully random oscillation where balls are tossed randomly throughout the entire court mixing up ball speed, spin, and trajectory.

Expanding the 2-line oscillation feature found on the pickle two, where the ball is delivered to two alternating pre-set spots on the court, the champion offers players both a narrow and wide option for single or doubles training.

The pickle champion throws balls from 20 to 65 mph and offers both heavy topspin and backspin. The hopper holds 125 pickleballs and works with both indoor and outdoor balls (but we don’t recommend mixing the type of balls used).

Powered by a larger battery, the pickle champion will run for up to 6 hours per charge. If that isn’t enough, extend your play with the optional external battery pack, which simply plugs in to the machine's charger port for double the court time. 

For greater control of your machine, the optional accessories include the grand remote and the grand remote for Apple plus our premium fast charger, which will shorten the charging time over the standard charger. Tennsport supplies a faster charger with our machines which is 50% faster than the standard charger.

Based on the same sleek design of our tennis ball machines, the pickle champion features an inverting hopper, folding handle, and large 8-inch wheels, making it easy to get the 20kg machine in and out of your car, over curbs, and across any surface to the court. We've also upgraded the pickle champion by adding our stylish gray hubcaps and the deluxe comfort handle grip.

The pickle champion by Lobster by Lobster is made in the USA and is covered by our 2 year warranty.

The Lobster Pickle Champion is £2330 the multi-function remote is £310


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Pre-loaded drills: drive to the kitchen, green light red light, diffuse the banger, flying ernie, around the clock, stop drop and lob

Oscillation: fully random, vertical, horizontal

2-line function: narrow, wide    

Spin: top, back

Ball Speed: 20-65 mph

Feed rate:  2-9 seconds

Elevation:  electronic, 0-50 degrees

Ball capacity:  125

Power:  internal battery, external battery, ac, ac/dc

Court Time: 4-6 hours, unlimited

Faster charger: included

Remote: (optional) grand remote

Premium charger: optional

Weight: 20kg

Warranty: 2 years