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Multi-Twist ball machine for tennis and pickleball
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The Multi-Twist is a version of the Tennis Twist that can fire tennis balls as well as pickleballs and also the over-sized red Mini-tennis balls and orange tennis balls used by young players.


  • For Beginning Players – Children and Adults.  Can be used with Pickleball balls or tennis ballsor red Mini-tennis balls
  • Adjustable Ball Toss:  Pickleball ball – 5m to 8m, Tennis ball – 3m to 6m feet 
  • Throws a ball about every five to six seconds. 
  • Holds 28 balls. 
  • Weighs just 6kg.
  • Battery-powered – Operates up to 10 hours on six ‘D’ batteries.   
  • Dual Battery or Mains-Powered model available.

The Multi-Twist comes with a one year warranty covering parts and labour.

If used regularly the number of disposable batteries will become significant. It is possible to buy rechargeable D-cell batteries and a charger elsewhere which will reduce the cost and environmental cost of many disposable batteries but the run time will be less than for disposable batteries. We offer a battery and mains option, so the machine can run off a mains adapter instead but this is not appropriate for all conditions. So...

Rechargeable Battery Pack

To allow the machine to run for much longer we have developed a separate rechargeable battery pack which can be ordered as a power option. This will run the machine for many hours per charge and comes with a battery charger and lead to connect to the machine. The machine is fitted with an additional power socket to allow connection to the battery pack. This is the same socket fitted to battery/mains machines. So if you already have a battery/mains machine from us then the battery pack can be ordered separately.

The battery pack contains a 12V sealed lead acid battery and a 12V to 9V voltage converter to supply 9V to the Tennis Twist. The battery pack contains a switch to turn the power off, a charging socket for the internal battery and a power output socket for connecting to your machine. It also has an internal fuse for protection. The rechargeable battery pack option is an additional £135 and includes the battery pack, power lead and battery charger.

The Multi-Twist comes with a one year warranty covering parts and labour. The rechargeable battery pack has a six month warranty on the battery. It needs to be looked after correctly but should last 4 years or so if the instructions with it are observed.

The battery version is £295 including delivery, the Battery or Mains version is £335.



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