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Multi-Twist ball machine for tennis and pickleball
Sports Tutor Inc.


The Multi-Twist is a version of the Tennis Twist that can fire tennis balls as well as pickleballs and also the over-sized red Mini-tennis balls and orange tennis balls used by young players.


  • For Beginning Players – Children and Adults.  Can be used with Pickleball balls or tennis ballsor red Mini-tennis balls
  • Adjustable Ball Toss:  Pickleball ball – 5m to 8m, Tennis ball – 3m to 6m feet 
  • Throws a ball about every five to six seconds. 
  • Holds 28 balls. 
  • Weighs just 6kg.
  • Battery-powered – Operates up to 10 hours on six ‘D’ batteries.   
  • Dual Battery or Mains-Powered model available.

The Multi-Twist comes with a one year warranty covering parts and labour.

The battery version is £295 including delivery, the Battery or Mains version is £335.


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