Repairs and Servicing Advice


Repairs and Servicing Advice

Which machines?

Tennsport can repair and service almost all Sports Tutor ball machines including Tennis Tutors, Towers, Shotmakers, Wilson ball machines and all their other models provided spares are still available. Only a very few very old machines have parts that are no longer available. We can also service and repair all Lobster tennis ball machines which use wheels to fire the balls, so the Lobster Elite models and the Phenom models. Spares for pneumatic or compressed air machines are no longer available. We also repair Jugs Sports rugby, soccer, and baseball and softball pitching machines.  For other brands it is best to contact companies that deal with those brands.

How to arrange:

To arrange a repair it is best to contact us first to discuss your requirements. Sometimes we can supply spares with instructions, such as batteries or other parts that can be replaced by customers who feel confident to work on machines. Otherwise the machines will normally need to be brought to us. They can either be brought by yourselves or many machines can be packaged and shipped to us as a parcel. There are several online parcel collection and delivery services which you can use such as DPD or Parcelforce and for a typical size machine the cost is normally around £30 each way with some insurance to cover damages in transit. If machines are well packaged they do not normally suffer damage so it is worth spending a bit of time ensuring your machine is well packged.

Is it worth repairing?

Tennis ball machines are generally always worth repairing, whether to subsequently use or to sell on. 

Buy back:

If you have an unworking or redundant machine please contact us before disposing of it as they can usually be brought back to useable condition, and so still have a value. We will make an offer to buy old machines made by Sports Tutor and Lobster - except pnuematic machines - so please send details and a few pictures to us by email: mail@tennsport.co.uk or send via Whatsapp to 07549432601.

Likely costs:

We do not charge to assess the condition and work needed for machines which are brought to us. We will always advise the likely cost of work required before we start.This is generally very accurate but sometimes other issues can be found once work is started. We will contact you to confirm any additional parts before continuing. A typical service and repair of a large tennis ball machine costs between £60 and £120, but this can vary depending on the faults the machine has. Simple issues can be resolved on a while-you-wait basis if pre-arranged and the fault discussed. Some simple repairs can be around £30 or less.

Rule out simple things

Before bringing a machine to us please check basic causes for a machine not working, such as balls stuck inside, behind the wheels, batteries not charged, reset buttons reset, etc. On Lobster Grand machines there are battery isolation and reset switches which are not obvious and these should be checked if a machine will not turn on.

As the cost of repair is unknown it isn't possible to order and pay online.



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