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Tennis Cube Throwing Wheels

Tennis Cube Throwing Wheels and hex key
Sports Tutor Inc.

Tennis Cube Throwing Wheels

Replacement throwing wheels which fit the Tennis Cube tennis ball machine. They are supplied with the correct Imperial size Allen or hex key to remove the old wheels and fit the new ones. They do not fit any other models. For other models which may have similar names, please find them elsewhere on our site or contact us if you cannot see them. 

Please select the quantity required from the menu to get the correct delivery price included. Maximum order size is one pair.

If your old wheels are undamaged but are not firing the balls well it is worth trying to carefully sand the surface with coarse sandpaper to remove the build-up of dirt and ball felt wax on the surface first as this may be all that is necessary.



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These wheels only fit this machine, the Tennis Cube tennis ball machine from Sports Tutor.