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Lobster Phenom 2

Lobster Phenom 2 - mains powered tennis ball machine


The phenom® two is a fully programmable machine that incorporates digital technology to produce complex functionality through a very simple user interface.  For a quick, hassle free workout, use the twelve, pre-programmed drills.  Feeling more ambitious? Build your own drills that can shoot to an incredible 18 shot locations with customized speed, spin, and feed rate.  In other words, you can create personalized court drills capable of simulating match play like never before! 

The phenom two is the best tennis ball machine in the Lobster Sports product line. This fully programmable machine offers cutting edge digital technology that allows you to program your own custom court drills to an incredible 18 shot locations while customizing shot elements such as: speed, spin, and feed rate too. 

Anyone can transform the weak points of their game into areas of complete domination with the Lobster phenom two tennis ball practice machine.

Because of their size, these Lobster tennis ball machines ship in two pieces and some minor assembly is required. For buyers who are within a reasonable distance from Rickmansworth we will deliver and assemble this machine for you.

The phenom two is made in the USA and is covered by Lobster’s 2 year warranty. The warranty is honoured by Tennsport for machine we have supplied.

The Lobster phenom two is £5500    the optional lobster grand remote or Apple wifi remote is £310

This machine is not always stocked, please contact us for lead times. We have one barely used, slightly marked machine available with full warranty and Lobster grand remote for £4950. More details in the Used Tennis Machines section.


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Custom Drills: 12 custom drills with 6 shots each, 18 shot locations

Pre-loaded drills: 12 drills: grinder, power baseliner, all-courter, moonballer, slicer, lefty, transition, attack/defend, forehand plus, beginner, intermediate, advanced

Oscillation: random horizontal (short, mid, deep); random vertical (left, middle, right), 2-line (narrow, medium & wide) fully random with random speed, spin, feed rate

2-line function: narrow, wide, medium

Spin: top, back

Ball Speed: 35-80 mph

Feed rate:  2-9 seconds

Elevation:  0-50 degrees, electronic

Ball capacity:  250

Power:  Mains

Remote: optional multi-function grand remote or Apple wifi remote £310

Weight: 45 kg

Warranty: 2 years

grand 20-function remote

Gain greater control of your training regimen with the 20-function remote. The state-of-the-art compact controller allows you to make instantaneous changes to your Lobster tennis ball machine like: play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 2-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more. This remote is NOT standard equipment on phenom series machines, but rather, an optional accessory.

This option may be pre-installed by the Tennsport or by the owner after purchase.