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Tennis Tutor ProLite

Tennis Tutor ProLite tennis ball machine
Tennis Tutor ProLite tennis ball machine
Tennis Tutor ProLite remote control
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Tennis Tutor ProLite

The Tennis Tutor ProLite tennis ball machine


The Tennis Tutor ProLite is a full-featured ball machine, yet it stands only 12 inches tall and weighs less than 13.2kg. Patented technology borrowed from the world's #1 portable ball machine, the Tennis Tutor, makes it possible Tennis Tutor ProLite is available in both AC and battery-powered models.

The Tennis Tutor ProLite is the bigger brother to the even smaller Tennis Cube. Both machines have the same functions but the ProLite has a bigger ball capacity, larger battery and higher top speed. One of the most popular tennis ball machines ever made and one of the most robust. Ideal hire machine or coaching workhorse. These machines easily last 10 to 20 years if looked after.

The updated Tennis Tutor ProLite now has towing wheels and a fold out handle for even easier transporting from car to court.


  • Versatile Speed Range: Ball speed is electronically variable from a gentle toss that's ideal for children just beginning tennis, to strong ground strokes ideal for good player to practice against. The wide speed range makes Tennis Tutor ProLite a superb choice for families with players at different ability levels.
  • Versatile Ball Feed: Ball feed rate is electronically variable from one ball every two seconds (for quick-reaction volleys), to one ball every 10 seconds,
  • Full Range of Trajectories: Ball trajectory is manually adjustable from ground stroke to towering lob.
  • Full-Court Oscillator: When you're ready to hit on the run, just flip the oscillator switch and Tennis Tutor ProLite will deliver shots randomly across the court.
  • Start-up Time Delay: A start-up time delay allows the player time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.     
  • Five-second Set-up: The ball hopper opens in seconds to hold 125 tennis balls. Just load the balls and you're ready for action.


If you play on public courts or at your local tennis club you'll appreciate the convenience of the battery-powered model (especially since 80% of public courts don't have accessible electric power). It's built in rechargeable battery typically delivers two to three hours of playing time. And it can be recharged between 500 to 1,000 times before replacement. The Battery Model comes complete with a UK plug-in smart charger as standard, designed to match the ball machine battery it charges at the optimum rate for sealed lead-acid batteries ensuring maximun battery life and no overcharging. It also automatically switches to a maintenance pulse state when the battery is fully charged meaning it can be left connected indefinitely and your ball machine will always be fully charged and ready for use. A green LED on the charger indicates when the battery is fully charged.

The Tennis Tutor ProLite is also available as a mains only powered machine. Add £25


A option wireless two button key fob remote is available to turn the ball feed on and off and turn the side to side oscillation on and off. £195


Tennis Tutor ProLite is backed by a three-year warranty issued by Tennsport covering both parts and labour.

  • Ball capacity - 125 Balls
  • Trajectories - Groundstroke to Lob
  • Max. Ball ejection speed - 10-60 MPH
  • Ball feed rate - 2 to 10 seconds
  • Oscillator - Built-in
  • Playing time (Battery Model) - 2 to 3 hours, typical
  • Dimensions (closed) - 30 cm H x 50 cm L x 46 cm W
  • Weight (w/ Battery) - 13 kg     Mains only version is 11 kg

The battery model is £969 inclusive of VAT and delivery. Battery model in stock with remote.



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